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Terms for purchasing a gearbox
A purchase of a gearbox is associated with a trade in of the old (faulty) gearbox, and the price depends on the scope and scale of the damage. You can deliver the gearbox you are trading in to us in person or send it via a courier. For our address see the "Contact details” tab. The approximate delivery cost of a gearbox via a courier to a customer is 100/150 zł. Due to courier company delivery terms which we are bound by, gearboxes are delivered to customers "dry” - i.e. without oil.
Repair time
We hold a wide range of reconditioned gearboxes, ready to be installed, which are available "off the shelf”. If a customer opts for a repair of their own gearbox, we do our best to repair it within 48 hours.
We always grant a 12 month written guarantee for any products or services purchased from us. The guarantee is only valid if stamped and signed by the mechanic installing the gearbox (if the gearbox is not installed in our workshop).

When delivered, there is no transmission oil in a gearbox.
Skrzynia w chwili odbioru nie jest zalana olejem przekładniowym.
Upon request we can remove and install a gearbox. The price of this service depends on the vehicle and will be approximately 500 zł.
With every gearbox we sell or repair, we recommend high quality oil at a promotional price.
Means of payment
Cash, COD, bank transfer.
VAT invoices
We issue VAT invoices.
A purchased gearbox may be collected in person or a courier delivery can be arranged. Purchased gearboxes can be sent to any European destination via a courier.